Roshni Welfare Organization



Strong community linkages to increase awareness and support women’s legal rights, family laws, children’s education, adult literacy, CNIC registration, women’s political participation, peace promotion and gender-based violence. 

Our Story

Multan is situated in the Southern Part of Punjab, where people are living a very miserable life due to some reasons like poverty, illiteracy, unawareness, and having no platform. Everyone is doing unorganized work and failed to achieve the targets and aims. People have the potential to do work but they have no line of direction. In Pakistan, more than 60% of people are living below the poverty line, especially in rural areas, the condition is worst. There are no facilities and have limited resources to overcome their deprivation. In this scenario, some like-minded persons decided and took initiative in 1992 and started work with community participation and gender sensitivity philosophy. In this way, the ROSHNI WELFARE ORGANIZATION MULTAN organization came into existence. A major focus of ROSHNI WELFARE ORGANIZATION MULTAN is Education, Women Development, Poverty Alleviation, and capacity building. ROSHNI WELFARE ORGANIZATION MULTAN got registration with Social Welfare Department under the Voluntary Act 1961.


Create such a society where every human being lives freely without any discrimination of caste, creed, religion, region, language, and status.


Bringing changes in the lives of the disadvantaged groups provides them access to quality education and enables them to explore their potential, especially women.


  • Maximum Utilization of Local Resources
  • Institutional Development.
  • Participatory Approach
  • Capacity Building
  • Mobilization of Women

Strategic Objectives

  • To organize & strengthen the community to ensure their participation in the Development process.
  • To capacitate the women and provide opportunities for economic empowerment.
  • To enhance Women’s Roles through providing them Education, and sector-specific training.
  • To be aware and sensitize stakeholders for achieving desirable conditions to women’s empowerment.

Our Goal and Plans

To enhance gender equality in access to and control over the resources and benefits of development. Women are socially empowered against socially discriminatory behaviors and as a pressure group on policymakers.

Roshni has visualized its mission to emancipate from injustice conditions that caused Social and Economic disparities for women. ROSHNI is nearly planning to have major focus on capacity building of community groups, women’s organizations to make it a pressure group. Enhance literacy level of community and make them expert in technical skills and is anxiously planning for making interventions for economic empowerment of community for poverty eradication. In this regard ROSHNI is planning for eradication of social evils, promoting of human rights, providing various training for Micro Enterprise, provision of small loans, Developing Market Linkages for skilled people for a healthy and prosperous life.

Our Partners

Feminist Fridays
Legislative Watch Group
Mumkin Alliance
NOW Communities