Advocacy Research Training and Services Foundation


Mirpur Khas

Registered under Societies Registration Act XXI in 2008. Key themes for interventions include girl’s education, early child marriage, women protection, economic empowerment through vocational and technical training for women, life skills-based education, addressing gender-based violence, and peace education through arts, as well as alternative energy. Strong linkages with the Sindh government and works in partnership with Provincial government’s Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority. An active member of various local, national, and international alliances.

Advocacy, Research, Training & Services (ARTS) Foundation is a not for profit, and indigenous civil society organization established on January 30, 2008, by a group of young motivated community development professionals, researchers, media persons, human rights activists, and concerned citizens who were trying to contribute their time and skills to mainstream marginalized and most vulnerable segments of the society in the development process in order to empower them with special focus on women, children, and youth. ARTS Foundation is registered under the Societies Act – 1860. ARTS Foundation is committed to serving vulnerable sections of the society through creating, strengthening, and supporting local-level community organizations, capacity development intervention, research, action–on–the–ground, and influence policies through advocacy, lobbying, networking, and training in order to achieve tangible results in sustainable development – a development that meets the needs of the present and of future generations as well.

ARTS Foundation undertakes these activities with partner communities, local community organizations in rural and sub-urban areas and also works as a facilitator for different tiers of local government and government departments.


ARTS Foundation envisions a socially just, economically sound, and culturally participatory society, which understands the potential and skills of the people to develop and manage institutions at the grassroots level for sustainable development.


ARTS Foundation’s mission is to enlarge social, economic, institutional, and individual development options for the benefit of poor people and marginalized sections of the society through creating, strengthening, and supporting common plate forms in order to carry out sustainable development.


  • To pick up grassroots level issues in order to conduct participatory research on the issues for advocacy, lobbying, and policy dialogue;
  • To build institutional and individual capacities through training and exposure in order to develop human and institutional resources at the grassroots / local level;
  • To facilitate and mobilize poor communities in developing sustainable socioeconomic capital formationsystems for poverty alleviation, food security, and promotion of basic health, and education services withspecial focus on women, children, and youth;
  • To promote community-based natural resource management and enhance the capacity of local communities/organization in disaster preparedness and risk reduction;
  • To join and work with other civil society organizations, institutes, academia, and media in the struggle for basic human rights, good governance, and democratization.

Our Partners

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