Each one Teach one – Shazia’s Story

Shazia Sarwar works as a Programme Manager for Women’s Voice and Leadership – Pakistan (WVL-P) Project in Roshni Welfare Organization, Multan. She was one of the participants during Gender Leadership Progamme (GLP) carried under the project which strives to work with women leaders to strengthen women right organizations across the country on feminist principles.  Shazia has completed two GLP modules during the year. The module has played a pivotal role in strengthening her understanding around leadership concepts and gender analysis skills.

“I apply my learning from GLP in everyday life both personally and professionally. My overall lens to approach life and women related issues has changed drastically”, says Shazia.

Recently Shazia was selected as one of the members for the Provincial Status of Commission on Women (PCSW) from Southern Punjab. Under PCSW, a total of 11 districts will be part of the Southern Punjab, while Shazia will be representing district Multan among other women leaders. The selection criteria for being the PCSW member entails strong women leaders with extensive experience of working on human rights and violence against women and girls. Several nominations were presented to PCSW and Shazia’s selection and confirmation is a source of great pride for her.

“I was ecstatic when I found out about my confirmation as a PCSW member. I know that I will be able to contribute to the forum due to the sound understanding of women related issues. GLP has further polished my knowledge on looking at the real-life problems faced by women and girls while prioritizing them. I will be focusing on three key issues related to women and girls – property rights, early marriages and education”, says Shazia.

This story was covered by Kanwal Manzoor on 15th November, 2021

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